Meal Order Information

Updated April 1, 2020



Welcome to the Meal Order Information page for meals being served during the school closure.  We are happy to partner with the USDA and State Education Department to make this service available to our students and families. During the school closure, all families are eligible to receive free breakfasts and lunches provided by our school kitchens.  Please note that all children age 18 and younger may receive meals, whether students in our schools or not, as long as they live in the school district.


Over 5,000 Meals Served!

As of today, April 1st, our food service workers have prepared over 5,000 meals since the sudden school closures announced in mid-March!  And our transportation department, supported by classroom aides, have delivered approximately 3,500 of those meals!  The dedication and service of these members of our school community to our students is inspirational!  Thank you all, for all that you are doing!


“Hot” Meals on the Menu:

We are pleased to announce that beginning the week of April 6th, we will be expanding our lunch menu to include various “hot” prepared foods that will simply need to be reheated by/for the children who are participating in our meal program during the school closure.  We will continue to serve cold sandwiches three days a week, but on the other two, we will be preparing and delivering a prepared food.


Examples of what is to come include: mac & cheese, stuffed crust pizza, baked ziti, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and other foods that can be quickly reheated to provide a nutritious lunch for your children.  Prepared foods will also come with reheating instructions.  These lunches will come with fruit, vegetables, and milk.  When sandwiches are provided, the same items will be included in the lunch, plus chips.


Because our kitchen crews are producing and distributing over 500 meals per day, we are unable to offer menu choices at this time.  Everyone will receive the same food items each day, unless there is a food allergy.  We appreciate your understanding.


There is no change to the breakfast menus.


To start, end, or modify enrollment in the program, please call 315-684-5918.

You must have registered for this program before you can start receiving meals.


The deadline for signing up for meals or making changes is 3:00 p.m. the day before. 

Only families that have signed up prior to 3:00 p.m. will be scheduled to receive meals the following day.  You only need to sign up once, not every day.


Closing the Elementary School Kitchen:

Beginning on April 13th, we will be consolidating our kitchen operations at the middle/high school.  Families that currently pick up their meals at the elementary will be able to pick up their meals at the middle/high starting on April 13th or can call the meal order line (315-684-5918) to be added to the delivery schedule.


This change will allow us to more efficiently serve you, as well as give our hard-working kitchen staff some time off.


Meal Pick-Up Times are 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon and locations are:

  • ONLY THROUGH APRIL 10th: E.R. Andrews Elementary, 55 Eaton St, rear loading dock – pull in on the north side of the school and drive to the back by the playground and pull up to the loading dock.
  • Middle/High School, 5061 Fearon Rd, in the bus circle.


Meal Delivery:

Meal delivery is available. If you sign up for delivery, we suggest you place a cooler outside your door for us to place the meals in if you are not at home when the drivers make the drops.  If you don’t have a cooler or other box to place the meals in, we will set them by your front door.  We will only attempt delivery one time per day. 


And, of course, if you have dogs or other animals that don’t take kindly to strangers, make sure they are restrained away from your front door.


We are committed to continuing to provide our community with meals during this crisis and appreciate the opportunity to serve.


Please keep an eye on this space for updates to the program


Meal Order “Hotline” to start or end service, or make changes: 315-684-5918

Click Here for Meal Service Information Letter as of March 17, 2020