Wall of Fame

wall of fame

Morrisville-Eaton Alumni Wall of Fame Nomination Process

THE WALL OF FAME was established to recognize outstanding Morrisville-Eaton alumni who have achieved distinction in his/her life and chosen field through significant contributions to his/her career, community or through personal achievements. This honor is meant to stand as a model and incentive to current and future students, and to recognize the foundation that a quality public education at Morrisville-Eaton played in each recipient's success.

To nominate an alumnus for this distinction: send the nomination, which is available in the lobby and on the district's web site, to the District Clerk at 5061 Fearon Road, PO Box 990, Morrisville, NY 13408. The nomination period will be open during the school year, until June 30th, for the following October inductions.

Nominees must: have a diploma from M-ECS or attended a significant portion of their education in the Morrisville-Eaton Central School District; have graduated at least ten years prior to the nomination and have an appreciation for the role that a Morrisville-Eaton education provided.

Past Inductees:
Wall of Fame
First Name Last Name Class Of Inducted
Stephen Brown 1989 2015-16
Mary Clark 1948 2014-15
Thomas Clark 1943 2014-15
Owen Corpin 1970 2014-15
Chris Doroshenko 1990 2015-16
Matthew Episcopo 1987 2014-15
Philip Jenks 1964 2014-15
Steve Jones 1971 2014-15
Meredeth Rouse 1992 2014-15
Patricia Vaughan 1970 2014-15
Sister Delores (Dolly) Bush 1967 or 1968 2015-16
Dr. Roy Church 1964 2015-16
Esther Davis 1940 2015-16
Kelly Golley 1981 2015-16
Thomas Lemery 1986 2015-16
Michael Corpin 1972 2016-17
Ben Gerbig 1958 2016-17
Stephen Helmer 1975 2016-17
Jeff Parker 1984 2016-17

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