Employee of the Year

The Morrisville-Eaton Board of Education accepted nominations for Instructional and Non-Instructional Employee of the Year.  This year we had several of our dedicated staff members nominated for this honor.  Those nominated were:


  • Susan Yancey, HS Business Ed/Family Consumer Science
  • Jessica Dewey, Teaching Assistant
  • Wendy Looman, Teaching Assistant
  • Morgan Gaudin, Special Education Teacher
  • Kelly Holmes, Art Teacher
  • LeeAnne Lake, Elementary Teacher
  • Sara Williams, Elementary Teacher
  • Lorena Robertson, Elementary Teacher
  • Amanda Yeoman, Music Teacher
  • Kariane Busch, Physical Education Teacher
  • Tiffany Phillips, Elementary Teacher
  • Alyssa Walton, Elementary Teacher
  • Stephanie Hughes, Elementary Teacher
  • Erin Kleinhans, Elementary Teacher
  • Kelly LeBlanc, Elementary Teacher
  • Patrick Scott, Music Teacher
  • Kalpana Lennox, Librarian


  • Molly McConville, Elementary School Nurse
  • Bryan Fairbrother, Elementary Principal and Director of Special Education, RtI, and Data
  • Tracy Clark, Elementary Principal’s Secretary
  • Matt Jacobs, Head of Building and Grounds
  • Danielle Schlotzhauer, Bus Driver
  • Ken Chapman, Building and Grounds
  • Deborah Raymond, Teacher Aide
  • Doug Kimball, Teacher Aide
  • Bridgette Carhart, Teacher Aide
  • Jessica Tomcho, Teacher Aide


 Although the decision was difficult for our Board to make, the District is pleased to announce that this year’s Instructional Employee of the Year is Tiffany Phillips, and the Non-Instructional Employee of the Year is Deborah Raymond. A reception to celebrate their recognition will be held in the E. R. Andrews Elementary Cafeteria on Tuesday, May 16th at 6:30 p.m. Congratulations Tiffany and Deborah!