COVID Communications and Website Launch

The school year is off to a great start. It is great to have most of our kids back in session and seeing the halls bustling again! Our students have been remarkable during this challenging time.

Since the start of the school year, dozens of students and staff have been tested for COVID-19. While all in-house administered tests have resulted in negative results, our students and staff have not been immune to the virus. We have experienced a few positive cases among students and staff.

Last year, messages went out each time there was a positive case letting the school community know we were actively engaged in identifying all close contacts and assisting the county in determining those requiring quarantine. This year, we continue following the same process of contact-tracing, however, the communications regarding positive cases and close contacts will be limited to those individuals subject to quarantine or isolation.

Specific data surrounding our infection rate and positive cases within the MECS school community can be found on the NYS COVID-19 Schools Report Card at the following link: COVID-19 Report Card (

Because COVID-19 continues to spread in our region, and positive cases often result in a disruption to the education program for close contacts, parents are reminded to keep their children home if they are sick and to seek direction from a doctor regarding the need for testing. Symptomatic students and staff require a release from the doctor in order to return to school.

Additionally, the District has relaunched our new and improved website. A notice went out at the beginning of September noting the initial unveiling. We discovered shortly after it went live that there were too many items requiring attention, so we reverted to the old format. We are prepared to try it again. Visit us at  Our app (Morrisville-Eaton CSD, by Apptegy) is also available for download from the app or play store.

The navigation of the new site will be different and may require some getting used to. Every page has a place to “Ask a Question” too. If you have a question about anything related to the website, our programs, and/or operations, click the Ask a Question icon and a response will be provided in a timely manner.

The app provides users with a streamlined, easy to navigate experience with the ability to receive push notifications. The most highly accessed features of our website are found on this platform. Both the site and the app are bound to have some glitches, but we will address them as they are found.

Finally, we welcome our school community to our campus to enjoy one of the many interscholastic activities taking place. We have very competitive teams this fall. Schedules can be found on the new District website!

Go Warriors!


Gregory Molloy