Congratulations Mr. Waskiewicz

On January 5th, Middle/High principal Mr. Waskiewicz shared some exciting news about his future, however the news is sad for MECS. Yesterday, he accepted a position he couldn’t turn down at the Madison-Oneida BOCES. In his new role, he will be able to utilize his strengths to lead approximately 30 districts through certain administrative challenges.

I’m sure this news is heartbreaking for members of the Warrior Community. Rather than feeling the disappointment of losing a strong school leader, I choose happiness that he has found a path  moving toward professional satisfaction and contentment. I also choose gratitude that we had the opportunity to have him serve our children, even if it was not forever. Our community is stronger because of his contributions to the school district.

The District is in the process of developing a succession plan. We will advertise for a new building leader in the coming days and likely look to secure an interim principal to complete the school year after Mr. Waskiewicz’s last day, which will be March 4, 2022.

Mr. Waskiewicz is committed to fully supporting the District over the next two months and beyond as needed. As you see him at games, and school activities over the next few weeks, take a moment to wish him well as he advances his career.