Mask Option

On February 27th, Governor Hochul announced that changes are being made to the mask requirements in schools. Based on her announcement, effective WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2nd, masks will be optional for students and staff. While this news is exciting, we must prepare for the effects of this new language. Some children and staff will likely continue wearing masks while others opt out. Please talk with your children about supporting those with differing perspectives and making different choices. Insulting, or criticizing students or school personnel choosing to mask or unmask will not be tolerated and will be addressed as bullying/harassment.

The Governor has authorized counties and cities to issue mask requirements based on positivity data. School districts alone have not been given this authority. Any modifications to the mask-optional protocol in the future will come from Madison County or New York State.

MECS has a large supply of COVID-19 tests available to anyone interested. Visit a school office if you are in need of one.

The last two years have been painful. It is great to experience these changes as steps toward a return to normal. I'm proud to serve our students, staff and community. I'm also grateful for the patience and cooperation our entire school community has shown during what I would describe as the most difficult times in education in many of our lives.

I appreciate the work of our administrators, faculty/staff and Medical Director through all of this. The Warrior team has given tirelessly to MECS as we worked collectively to keep our students in school safely.

Lastly, thank you to our Board of Education members, past and present, who have taken on some of the hardest voluntary roles in American society. Our board volunteers have experienced a painful period with unwavering support of our students in every COVID-19 twist. This year, President Ames has proven to be always available and accessible to bounce ideas off of. Having a resource like him that I have been able to "think out loud with" has been invaluable to me. MECS is incredibly lucky to have such strong advocates of our youth!


Go Warriors!