COVID-19 Protocol Modifications

Recent modifications to guidance surrounding COVID-19 have resulted in some key adjustments to the District’s Reopening Plan. The plan’s detailed rewrite will not be completed for several weeks, but significant protocols of interest are summarized below:

1. Masks are allowed, but no longer required for students and staff unless they are recovering from a recent COVID-19 diagnosis. COVID positive individuals may not return to school or work until the 6th day after the onset of symptoms or his/her diagnosis. Upon return, masks are required at school during days 6-10.

2. Students may work in collaborative instructional groups with reduced social distancing. When the group activity is completed, classrooms will be readjusted to increase space between students.

3. Unvaccinated athletes are no longer required to test for COVID-19. All symptomatic students and staff, regardless of vaccination status or school program they are a part of, are required to test and stay home if a result is positive.

4. Masks are strongly recommended for close contacts of positive cases for ten days after exposure.

5. Close contacts are strongly encouraged to test on the fifth day after being exposed to COVID-19.

6. As always, if your child is sick, please don’t send him/her to school.

Free COVID-19 tests are available for students and staff at the main offices of our schools. Parents/Guardians and employees may request a test kit during normal business hours.