Employee of the Year Nomination Form

Above you will find a nomination form for employee of the year. This form can be used for either non-instructional and instructional nominations.  The nomination deadline is April 12, 2022.

 Past Recipients:

Patricia Weimer, Teacher and Teacher Aide, 1984-85

Richard Loomis, Physical Education Teacher, 7-12 and Coach, 1985-86

Lillian Crowell, Food Service, Elementary School, 1986-87

Karen Jacobs, School Nurse-Teacher, Elementary School, 1987-88

Helen Russock, Elementary Education Teacher, 1988-89

Patricia Vaughan, Physical Education Teacher, 7-12 and Coach, 1989-90

Sylvia McKinnon, Elementary Education Teacher, 1990-91

James Sterle, Transportation - Head Mechanic, 1991-92

Betty Bonney, Business Education Teacher, 1992-93

Darlene Mennig, Food Service, Middle/High School, 1993-94

Sandra Glenister, Home Economics Teacher, 1994-95

Eileen Parker, Teacher Aide, Elementary School, 1995-96

Clairese Russell, Secondary Mathematics Teacher, 1996-97

Richard Davis, School Bus Driver, 1997-98

Sue Miller, Secondary Science Teacher, 1998-99

Frank Macera, Physical Education Teacher K-6, 1999-2000 l

Edith Hughes, School Bus Driver, 2000-2001

Anthony Gerakopoulos, Foreign Language Teacher, 2001-2002

Constance Perry, Middle/High School Secretary, 2002-2003

Gina Wisniewski, Elementary Teacher/Technology Specialist, 2003-2004

Jacalyn Groves, Elementary Library/Media Specialist, 2004-2005

Joyce Nevison, Enrichment Teacher, 2005-2006

Lucinda Martin, Elementary Music Teacher, 2006-2007

Lawrence Kline, AIS Reading Teacher, 2007-2008 Instructional

Bradley Sherwood, Head Mechanic, 2007-2008 Non-Instructional

Joseph McLean, Secondary Teacher, 2008-2009 Instructional

Naydene Ames, Principal's Secretary, 2008-2009 Non-Instructional

Joseph Capotosto, K-12 Assistant Principal, 2009-2010 Instructional

Ann Marie Martorana, M/H School Nurse, 2009-2010 Non-Instructional

Bruce Donker, Secondary Science Teacher, 2010-2011 Instructional

Mary Ellen English, Elementary School Nurse, 2010-2011 Non-Instructional

James McCarthy, Middle/High School Music Teacher, 2011-2012 Instructional

Michael Perry, Cleaner, 2011-2012 Non-Instructional

Bethany Geatrakas, Middle/High School Librarian, 2012-2013 Instructional

Marva Maciag, Elementary Teacher Aide, 2012-2013 Non-Instructional

Jennifer Pierce, Elementary School Teacher, 2013-2014 Instructional

Linda Richardson-Bataille, Middle/High Teacher Aide, 2013-2014 Non-Instructional

Carrie Martin, Elementary School Teacher, 2014-2015 Instructional

Richard Bowie, Head of Buildings and Grounds, 2014-2015 Non-Instructional

Erin Kleinhans, Elementary School Teacher, 2015-2016 Instructional

Ronnie Sabine, Buildings and Grounds, 2015-2016 Non-Instructional

Stephanie Hughes, Elementary Teacher, 2016-2017 Instructional

Karen Dailey, Middle/High School Secretary, 2016-2017 Non-Instructional

Michele Cesta, Middle/High School Guidance Counselor, 2017-2018 Instructional

Joseph Willis, Computer Service Technician, 2017-2018 Non-Instructional

Pandemic – Everyone was Deserving, 2019-2020

Pandemic – Everyone was Deserving, 2020-2021